Mac Repairs Sheffield can recover data in practically all cases of corruption to a disk formatted with both HFS and HFS+, running operating systems OS 9 up to the most recent version, Mac OS X 10.6.

All of our data recovery services need to be carried out on site.

Make sure you back up regularly, Apple Mac systems are equally as prone to hard disk faults and hardware failure as any computer out there.

Below our Examples of errors that we have been able to perform a full recovery of data:

  • Not a HFS Volume
  • Drive not installed
  • Bad file name
  • Cannot access drive – because of a disk error occurred
  • Segment load error
  • Not a Macintosh disk
  • Internal file system error
  • No such Volume
  • Disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialise the disk?
  • The disk cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred
  • r/w requested for an off-line drive

Apple Mac Data Recovery Service in Sheffield is No1 when it come to recovering your valuable data after drive failure, corruption, and bad sectors.

Below is a list of signs to look out for leading to hard disk failure

  • Spinning cog sticking on start up
  • black screen on start up
  • blue screen sticking on start up
  • Stuck on Apple Logo on startup
  • Flashing folder on start up
  • Operating system freezing up with coloured wheel spinning
  • Kernel panic message ( please switch off machine)

If your Apple Mac Computer is experiencing any of the above symptoms, switch it off , and get in contact with use right away.

If you carry on messing around with it…… You may loses everything!