Apple Stores: The Truth Behind The Apple Logic Board Issue

Who pays for the lavish locations the apple store provides? The consumer, that is who! We have started a campaign to shed some light on why apple computer repairs are so expensive!

We are a family run apple service center. We were attacked by apple, because of the current issues with their computers. The logic boards have an inherent defect. We saw many school kids, upset because their laptop was malfunctioning. Apple accused us of lying and said there was a software not a hardware issue.

Since we were correct, we went out and spent 0,000.00 on the proper equipment to do logic board repairs. Like clockwork we get sent apple computers to fix that the apple stores has said needed a refurbished g5 apple logic board!

We fix these for 250 dollars FLAT RATE and include insurance on the return shipping. Last I checked it was at least 0.00 JUST FOR THE REFURBISHED APPLE MOTHER BOARD! How can we provide this price point and superior service and turn around?

Honestly, because we care about your computer and your budget. Apple, well just like any large corporation, only cares about the stock holders bottom line. That is profits. We do not have stock holders to please!

I know you are not happy with the price quoted by the apple stores to you! I would not be either. There is no worries though because I am here to help alleviate the stress of handing apple about 00.00 to get that perfectly fine computer you have fixed.

We don’t want the apple stores to pressure you into buying a new computer. We want you to save hundreds on the apple store price! When you add to that, the fact we are usually 3 times as fast as the apple stores turn around. Well the bargain is very clear to see. That is, for those who are looking for one!

I hope I have helped you make a proper choice here. Our tech has over 20 years of experience working with apple computers and doing repairs on apple products. He was certified in the late 1980’s! You really need to put that experience to work for you.

Leverage that experience to save TIME and Money! We really understand that you have a budget and we average a 99% fix it rate. It is actually more than 99% but we don’t like to exaggerate! If we cannot fix it within the 250.00 flat rate, We will ship it back at no cost.

That has yet to happen… If given some time, we can find a used board and actually replace the faulty g5 imac logic board in the machine! What we currently offer for 250.00 is an actual refurbishment of the board in your machine. A service the apple stores cannot provide for you.

We look forward to helping save you money soon! I hope this has been educational for you! Click the links below for our website.

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