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Mac Repairs Sheffield have been offering cost effective solutions to the local Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, and iPod market since 1999. We are Sheffield’s number one independent Mac repairs support centre open 7 days a week, and with a emergency engineer on call up to 9pm daily.

mac repairs sheffield

We are recognised as offering the most competitive prices for support and repairs throughout Sheffield and surrounding counties for the Mac, iPhone, iPad,  and iPod models. Contact us 7 days a week for rapid repairs on our local call rate number Tel: 0845 8340933 Ext 8.

Our business was grown out of a passion for everything Mac, and the technology that today makes them such a global phenomenon!
Our Mac Doctors (engineers) are highly trained, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, passionate about there Mac’s and yours, and not geeky like the PC engineers out there! (;

iphone repairs sheffield Our  aim is to get you back up and running again the same day!
All of our engineers are fully trained to high standard and can come to you at your home or business, or if you prefer you can drop it off at our local repair work shop.

Here are just some of the services We offer for your Apple Computer.


Apple Home or Business Support
Apple & Adobe Training
Apple Data Recovery
Apple upgrades
Apple Parts
Apple Mac Screen Replacement
Apple Mac Sales


Mac & iPhone Repair Sheffield

We understand how important your Mac is to you, and what a important part in plays in your day to day life.
That’s why we make it our priority to get you back up and running again as fast as we can, with all the love your Mac deserves.

Mac is not just a computer………. for many it’s a way of life!

We  provides support and repairs throughout our Mac Repairs Partners.
In the north of England alone we have branches in Leeds, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Newcastle, Hull, Bradford, Sunderland, and Manchester, to name a few.

And we are also happy to offer a 10% Discount to our student customers.

So if your suffering from an immediate support issue, or require a cost effective fast turn around repair.

Mac Repairs Sheffield is your one stop solution.

We can deal with all of your in & out of warranty Apple Macintosh repairs including, Xserve, Mac Pro, iMac, Powermac G5, Power Mac G4, iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook, iBook, Mac Mini, Powerbook G4, iPhone, 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, and the new 4Gs. We also cover the iPod Touch, Nano, and classic for repairs.

We also cover. Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Retford, Gainsborough and Chesterfield.

Recent Job Requests

1. I’d like to drop my phone off for repair today. The screen is severely cracked and not responding to touch, however there are no ink stains on the screen, so don’t think the digitiser is affected.  I’d like to come around 11.00am today. Can you let me know the price of a walk-in repair? Please email as cannot respond to phone calls.

2. I have a iMac g5 iSight where the display is corrupt to such an extent that I cannot read it. I have tried connecting an external screen and the display is the same on that. Research on the Internet shows that there may be a problem with bulging capacitors. Is this the type of thing you can deal with? I have followed the advice on the Apple site about reseting the PRAM but it did no good.

3.  I heed a iPhone 4 repair in sheffield,  i broke the screen. I can still work my phone but there is this huge crack from the bottom of the phone to the top and it is very anoying. Also there is a minor damage in the base of the phone where the charger plugs in. I would like to ask how much it will cost me to repair the screen. About the minor base damage i may not want to fix that if it is to expensive so i will wait for a price quote after you check my phone. Also, it is possible if i bring my phone in the morning to have it ready in the same day?

4.  When I switch on my Mac there is only a blank screen. I’m a student with work on there that needs to be completed. I have a wrist injury and when I tried to pick up my Mac to move it to another room I accidentally dropped it. I didn’t think there was any damage done, but haven’t been able to access it since. I’m unable to access the serial number. It was purchased, I think, in 2008.
5.  I have a late 2008 24 inch iMac that has had a logicboard/graphics card failure. When I boot the computer, it has blue lines come across the whole screen and refuses to boot. The closest it gets is going to an orange screen and then needs shutting off. Would it be possible to get a quote for this repair? Also, what sort of guarantee or warranty do you offer?
6. Hi, i’ve just got an old macbook which needs a battery (it doesn’t need to be an apple branded one) I am also interested in upgrading the memory as I need to be able to run music and movie software. I was just looking in your shop and I’m not sure on which parts I need and how much this model of mac can be upgraded and most importantly, how much it will cost! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
7.  I purchased time machine to do all my back-ups from our main imac and macbook pro. I’m no computer expert and can’t it set-up with our bt homehub and believe you me I have tried! 2nd issue my husband is an amateur photographer and lost some photos at Xmas which appeared to escape a back-up to our old hard drive. According to Apple Store Kingston we should be able to retrieve them (I’ve asked him to provide me with details of those that are lost). They showed us how but recommended we don’t try but should get someone to help. I really need someone to help sort out these two issues. Would like to know how much to have an engineer come out and help as I’m sure they can achieve within the hour what has taken me several days and still going nowhere.
Contact us today for iPhone, iPod and Mac repairs in Sheffield and Rotherham.